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The Old Anchor

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  1. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 2:42 e m

    Beautiful. That anchor can tell some stories I bet.

    • 14 juli, 2010 kl. 8:38 e m

      I would love to ”hear” what that anchor have to tell 😉

  2. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 3:54 e m

    This is a really nice sepia picture Magnus! Where is it taken?

    • 14 juli, 2010 kl. 8:31 e m

      It is taken at the west coast of Sweden, Lysekil is the city name.

  3. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 3:55 e m

    Well, I think you’re doing very well in your photography endeavors, Magnus! 🙂

    • 14 juli, 2010 kl. 8:29 e m

      Thank you so much!

  4. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 4:42 e m

    The sepia tone goes really well with the old look of the anchor.

  5. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 4:44 e m

    Mycket fin bild.

  6. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 5:31 e m

    Wonderful picture. Makes me want to go on a treasure hunt! Makes me thinks of pirates!

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  7. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 5:55 e m

    wow so big and old…great in sepia.

  8. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 6:56 e m

    This is very nice in sepia. Looks old and also like the photo might have been taken a long time ago.

  9. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 7:06 e m

    Oh wow this is really old and I only wonder what happened to people who once on board on the ship. ^_^ Happy Wednesday!

    SS~The bridge

  10. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 8:22 e m

    I love it! It does remind one of a treasure hunt. Very nice.

    • 14 juli, 2010 kl. 8:36 e m

      Thanx, yes i can imagen that a anchor like this on the bottom of a sea, near a ship wreck full of gold 😉

  11. 14 juli, 2010 kl. 8:46 e m

    An anchor is a solid iron, its purpose defined to keep the ship from moving. So it seems a bit different to see in not attached to a boat and on land. But really artistic, especially in sepia!

  12. 15 juli, 2010 kl. 12:01 f m

    awww great capture and it looks perfect in sepia!

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  13. 15 juli, 2010 kl. 12:02 f m

    Nice sepia shot. The subject has unique character.

  14. 15 juli, 2010 kl. 1:09 f m

    Tänk att träet hänger med fortfarande och det åldras så vackert 🙂


    • 15 juli, 2010 kl. 7:06 f m

      Det var bra virke på den tiden 😉

  15. 15 juli, 2010 kl. 1:38 f m

    Outstanding old anchor. Any idea how old it is or it’s history?

    • 15 juli, 2010 kl. 7:06 f m

      Maybe from around 1700-1800, i have another anchor on picture and that is from 1700.

  16. 15 juli, 2010 kl. 3:41 e m

    It is hard to believe that old piece of wood kept a ship anchored down. I love the sepia tone as well.

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